The King Is Dead

“Hey man, got any skins?”

For the past couple day’s now i’ve been spending my time plowing the first two seasons of Skins. Reason being is because after watching the premier of the US version on MTV, and realizing how god awful it was, I figured our friends from across the pond did the show its true justice. Let me tell you, it has and then some.  But what’s really funny is that the parents here in the states are making it such a big deal about it. For those who haven’t watched the show before, its more or less about teenagers. That’s pretty much it. The drugs, the failing grades, unexpected death of family members before graduating high school, the sex and pretty much everything else that comes with being a teenager. It actually depicts how some teenagers do live in the world. Sure some people can’t relate to the UK version because, well its in the UK. But it’s not about the location, its about the events. Some of us can somewhat relate to what these kids go through. Some of us got into drugs in high school. Hell some of us had sex, or lost a family member, or failed a class. One could make the argument that it’s a show about real life in a sense. Here’s what gets me though. If it’s a semi good depiction of how life is at that age, why are parents making a big fuss in calling it “The most dangerous show on TV?”

The answer, in my opinion, is somewhat simple. Those same parents who are out to take away shows like skins, are afraid to either expose to their kids what life can be like in high school, or they’re afraid the show would open up old wounds of their own. Yes I am aware that most of us don’t go through those dramatic events as shown on the show, but the majority of us can relate to someone we know who has. Another funny thought, people are freaking out about the content of skins, when MTV shows reality shows like jersey shore that are just as bad. Plus there are other shows, like glee, that have a couple “taboo” subjects. By the way, I’m slowly starting to dislike glee now. I feel like they just used the gay kid and problems surrounding gay rights and beliefs, as a way to fill the episode deadline. Yeah glee, im glad your bring problems that young gay teenagers do face in high school into the light, but get back to being a little original. Your better off having a sue silvester spin off in my opinion. Funny the way the world works these days.

I’ve actually read in a couple different article’s that the show (skins) is borderline child porno. Lets be honest folks, and if I my quote someone who i’ve talked about this too, “The USA is pretty much one giant porno.” You have to admit, this is true. Yes, now people are now starting to wonder if sex still sells. But no matter what the stats show, people are still going to use sex as either a marketing tool, a bribe, ect…

Am I for sexual exploitation in some marketing schemes? Honestly, whatever helps make your money, but do realize there are other ways.

But back to what I was originally talking about.

In some other places, they say that the show is sending out the wrong message to our youth. Again, lets be honest here. We can’t control the message we send out to the young. Sure we can tell them one thing, but once they have a chance to go to school with their friends, or watch a couple minutes of TV, or hell even read a blog post on the internet, they’ll soon forget what we told them, unless they agree with it.

I’m telling you, the day I have kids, I’ll raise them to realize that they can control their lives. Yes the world can be scary, but only if you let it scare you. It can be a bad place, but only if you let the evils get to you. And also, if I have a son, ill stress to him to read comics. Hell I did and somewhat still do, and look at how I turned out 😉

As for Skins, I say leave the US version on MTV. It’s not doing any harm to anyone, except for the poor acting. I mean its god awful compared to the UK. Score one for the BBC.







Same old blog, but a brand new year. I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to write about, but after weeks of thinking, I finally figured it out. Let’s save all the ‘welcome back’ greetings for later, and dive right into this.


The First Tragedy of 2011
It has been on the news for the longest time now. Only appropriate that it would considering its the first major tragedy of 2011. Unfortunately, I am referring to the shooting in Arizona that involved Congresswomen Giffords. It seems like every time I turn it on CNN, HLN, MSNBC and ESPN (and other networks that involve the letter ‘N’), there is a positive update in Giffords condition. The best way to start off a morning. Hearing about a women who was shot in the head, and making an extraordinary recovery to full health. Last time I heard, shes able to stand and walk with help and is also reading. I remember watching HLN and CNN one morning as they both addressed the same question about the shootings impact on the country.

“What should parents do with their children, after they have been exposed to this tragedy?”

Now of course my idea behind this isn’t exactly valid because, well I’m not a parent, but this is just a thought that I came up with if I were to have kids. It’s safe to say that the parents of today were alive during the time of 9-11, another unfortunate event that happened in the USA. What did we, and by we I mean the parents, tell our children after said event? Well, there isn’t much to say really. What happened, happened, and there is no denying that. But just like what happened after 9-11, can be done after the Arizona shooting. Recover. Reassure the kids that no matter what happens at any given time or place, we will be there to protect them. If they don’t feel comfortable moving around the public after the shooting, go along with them. Do things together and try to either take their mind off it, or just make them comfortable. That’s what I would do.

Iron And Wine to make each other clean

A new year always means new music for me to listen to and enjoy. I’m glad to say that I’ve started off this year with this band called Iron and Wine. Ever had one of those bands and/or artist that you tell yourself, “I’ll listen to them later,” but never did? Well that’s what happened with Iron and Wine and myself. Why I’ve waiting so long, I don’t know, but I am glad I took the time to listen to them. Genre wise, they are totally indie. They remind me of Bad Books (Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine) with hints of Dave Matthews Band, but only in the sense of other instruments, like saxophones, trumpets, ect…

2010 was the year that really got me into more indie music, than any other genre. Sure I do listen to everything else in between, but if given the choice between Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and Vampire Weekend’s “Contra,”  expect me to blast cousins and holiday in my Chevy Cobalt on my way to class.


That’s really all I have to talk about tonight. I’m keeping this post rather short, but I do plan on writing more longer entries in the future. As always, give me feedback, positive or negative.

Wowee Zowee

I seem to be spacing out my blog post’s by weeks now, rather than every sunday.  Sorry for those who keep checking fornew post’s but not finding any. Yes I am well aware that I am apologizing to about 3 or 4 people.

But as time keeps passing on day by day, I keep thinking about different things as usual. With it being summer, I tend to think about a lot more things. More things than previously before.

Take for example my music. I seem to have developed this weird pattern when it comes to listening to music as of recently. Lets say the first thing I play on my iTunes was MGMT. I’m listening to that same genre of music all day. If I listen to say anything in the morning, then im listening to indie/pop punk all day. Some people like to claim that the music they listen to, puts them into a certain mood or feeling. Depending on whats playing, I fully agree. Hell I can even say that certain songs I listen to can even almost make me shed a tear because its so beautiful.

But there are certain situations where you just cant believe someone when they’re singing or playing a song. I’m not sure how I can explain it, but you just know if someone just isn’t feeling it that night or day. Now the performer can have a legit reason, like being sick or having something dramatic happening in their life. But if they’re getting on stage completely blacked out, or just not performing well enough and just not caring, its just sickening. I hate that.

Here’s something I thought about last night (or this morning) at about 1:30am.

What if we were all machine like? Now I know it sounds like a bad dream or just a random thought, but think about it. To put things in more perspective, think about the movie  I Robot ( the movie with will smith. Pretty ok movie). There was a part in the movie where he reveals that he have a robotic arm that was covered by synthetic skin. Is still considered human? Better yet what is human, or humanity for that matter? If someone were to tell you that your not acting human, then how are you acting? I know I know, too many questions.

Im gunna keep this one short and sweet, Happy 4th of july everyone. Be safe!


I haven’t written anything in the longest time. But its usually a good thing because It gives me more time to think about stuff.

1 beer

I stumbled across something on TV the other day. A man was talking to a psychologist about why he was acting the way he did. The man was a bit of a drunk, used a lot of drugs and im not talking about a cig everyday, and was abusive. To make a long story short, the doctor traced his behavior to his father. It was almost instantly the man broke down and started to cry. Of course something like that made my brain go crazy, questioning if we are really doomed to become like our parents? Think about it, we go through our lives with family and friends and family friends, telling us that we have our mothers eyes, or our fathers chin and nose, but its only the brave ones who notice a pattern in personalities in families. But what happens if someone were to say “your behavior reminds me of your father”, and you absolutely hate the things your father does? Do you become enraged and become offended? Or do you take a step back and look at yourself to see if its actually true?  Sure on the outside you may not be anything like your parents, but what about when you get angry? Or when it comes to the way you plan out you every move? Do you begin to take notice? I mean, am I destined to become an alcoholic because my father drinks everyday? Is it on my life track that I cant take constructive criticism like my mom? Maybe. Who knows, I may not inherit any type of negative trait they may posses. But am I worried that I might turn out to be one of them? You bet your ass I am

3 beers

Its amazing how some people spend they’re free time. Actually wait I take that back, how some people spend they’re time. Some people are constantly running around, either with work, friends, hobbies, or loved ones. Others like to stay at home and take in a couple movies with the company of themselves. But a lot of people find it easy to find that balance between running around and not running at all. But of course we’re forgetting some factors that come into play when it comes to being social. I mean would you be social with someone that you don’t have anything in common with? Would you be with someone for all the wrong reasons? Possibly might even hang out with someone out of pure sympathy just because your a nice person? Whatever the reason is, the reason needs to be justified. Some people have justified reasons for what they do, some do not. Sure it may be justified in they’re eyes, but they forget there’s another set of eyes in that situation.  Where do I fall? I’m not quite sure to be honest. I like to stay home, but I go out a lot. I get to know someone without worrying about beliefs. Usually that fails pretty bad. Im sure your asking about a love life. How can one have said life if its been dead for awhile? Call me morbid or “emo”, but I see it as being truthful.

6 beers

I worry too much about things. I think about if my parents are happy with me, or if  my friends are still my friends, or if im screwing up the next potential relationship I can have. At least, thats how I used to feel anyway. I know in previous posts I talk about how our lives are planned out and we shouldn’t rush into anything. But its hard to resist the urge if these 24 hour days feel like they constantly drag along. They say that you grow older every day, does that mean im slowly becoming senile? I’m not sure, I think about this kind of stuff way to much. I cant help it though, the way I think is comparable to everyday breathing and eating. Speaking of which I need to stop pigging out, im getting fat.

Glass of water

I dont know what my current state of mind is. Happy? Well I have no reason to be sad. Depressed? Not quite sure, but most likely a no. Lonely? When am I not? But I can tell you this. There’s going to be a lot more thinking going on in my head, positive or negative. Good or Evil. Pepsi or Coke.

Until next time

Scared of the future so I hop in the delorean

Im not sure why, not quite sure how, but I have suddenly started listening to a a hell of a lot of classic bands. While some are bands that I have already listened to in the past, a good majority of them are bands I’ve now become a fan of. Take for example The Smiths. I took a listen to their self titled album, and I became an instant fan. But it wasn’t just a random act of curiosity that had me listen to them, you can thank “500 days of summer” for giving me the push to check them out. I swear if you haven’t watched that movie yet, then you have to right now. I feel like i’ve said this already, but its worth saying again. And whats on equal level with The Smiths? Well Morrissey of course! His solo project is just amazing. “You are the quarry” is his best album easily. “Irish Blood English Heart” is a good song to start with.

One band that I’ve always listened to from earlier on is The Cure. There’s just something about the distinct voice and lyrics of  Robert Smith that just pleases my ears. I haven’t listened to all of their stuff yet but so far “Disintegration” is my favorite album by them by far. “Love song” is prob the best song off the album, next to “lullaby”. Other bands can try to cover it (yeah I’m looking at you 311), but none of them can compare to the original. “In Between Days” is a great one as well, it was that song that got me hooked to them very quickly. Don’t forget “Boys Don’t Cry”, honestly who doesn’t know that song? When it comes to throw backs when I was in high school, The Cure and Radiohead was where it was at for me. Dont get me started with radiohead, but I will say this. “Kid A” and “Hail to the thief” will change your mind.

Of course if your listening to classic bands, The Beatles must be mentioned. For about a week straight i’ve put on all of their songs on shuffle on the ipod in my car, and listened to them non stop. Safe to say I listened to all of the albums (Not counting the anthology’s) and my top 3 would have to be:

1. Revolver

2. Help! or Abby Road

3. Rubber Soul

Favorite song? That’s easy. “She said She said” from Revolver.

Other than me taking a left turn into the 70s and 80s when it comes to music, everything else involving myself is more or less the same. Debating what people do and why. But thanks to my sister, she managed to show me this video that seriously got my mind thinking. But ill only focus on one part of it (Heres the video if you have 10 min to spare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3oIiH7BLmg). They talk about in this video about a theory about the “pace of life”.  It more or less messures the time that is spent by having fun, waiting in line, or other things that may not seem like much time wasted at the time, but it all piles up once you put it together.

But I my pace of life? Well I think i’m at about jogging speed right now. Sure I work, intern, hang out with friends, and go to school once it starts up, but it doesn’t seem like i’ve wasted anytime. On that note, I hate it when time is wasted. Sure there are things in life that need to be taken slow. Hell I can tell you im taking somethings in my life at a pretty slow rate, but if something can get done within the minute, then it should be done, rather than set aside and ment to be done at another time.

Think i’ll pick this up at another date, but till next time.

I haven’t been on here for a long time, so I guess I have some catching up to do.

I celebrated my sisters birthday yesterday, and right after she blew out her candles, something clicked in my head. I am already 21. Now I know I already realized this fact on my birthday, but that was more along the lines of “I’m 21 wheres my miller?” But yesterday it was more like “Holy shit im 21 and im almost done with school to enter the real world.” I didn’t know what to do after this thought. More or less just sitting there pondering what my next move would be, I slowly started to feel old.

But right after I realized this and thought about for about, oh 2-3 hours, I suddenly looked at my parents as they looked upon my sister. Then it hit me, I thought my life was moving fast, they must feel the same way, and they have 20 some years on me. It almost makes me wonder what exactly I’ve been doing with my life, but after im done school im sure ill have a different outlook.

I’m pretty sure I say this for every other college student that I am glad summer is here. My summer is gunna consist of this:



Loved ones


Seems like a simple list, thats because it is. But one thing I would love to leave out on that list is of course, work. Its kinda hard for myself to believe that I could still work at a place that hasnt given any raises to any of their employees. But how about the people that work there? I can safely say I love about 90% of the people there, the other 10% consist of stuck up, vulgar, and outrageous people who believe that anything they say would be retained in the minds of the people “listening” to them.

I’ll stop it here with a little life update. We haven’t spoke in awhile so I’m guessing you want to know whats going on right?

I like my life right now. I still have a job, good grades in school, interning at WBAL is great, Im talking to a great, smart, funny, music loving, hard working, beautiful woman, and my family doesnt hate me.

till next time.

I think shes Beautiful, dont you?

Its interesting how some people label somethings as beautiful. Some think flowers are good looking, some think they’re just plants with color. Some would stay for the fireworks at the end of a event, some wouldn’t bother. But is there ever that line where two different people can agree on one thing being beautiful? Or hell, what exactly is beauty? Is there even an exact definition by which we can resort to?   There could be, but would some even believe it?

Here’s something to think about, does beauty have to be physical? Take for example the miss USA pageant that took place tonight. That’s a perfect example about some people seeing beauty as physical. Is that fair though? Should we have something like that being played for all the young ladies out there to see? Yes it does make for good entertainment, and yes it may be fun to see if joan rivers face explodes because of plastic surgery, but what would it do to the term beautiful?

Consider this, think about someone who is complete not physically attractive (yes you can use me). Now gives them a proper education and common sense. Is that person beautiful or not? Its shocking really, if physical appearance is the most important quality, might as well not even consider yourself a good person. Whats a body without a brain? Nothing but an empty shell that’s what is it.

But for me personally, I see physical beauty as only a bonus. Its not necessary, but it is a welcomed addition. But give me a blind fold and I can stay in a stable relationship. Brains over blonde or burnette any day….if that makes any sense at all.